The Mechanical Mages

The Mechanical Mages

We are The Mechanical Mages, FTC Team #20288. We are a 3rd-year FTC team located in Bethany, Oregon. Our team consists of 13 people, with a mix of 8th through 11th-grade students from local middle & high schools. We are very enthusiastic about having the opportunity to participate in FIRST Tech Challenge. We took on the 2024-25 Season, CenterStage, this year intending to learn, compete, build relationships, and have fun! Throughout the season, we overcame many challenges and grew as a team and landed a coveted spot at the FTC Championship in Houston, Texas, marking our most successful year! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to learn about the hardware, software, and outreach that forms a functional and successful team and develops practical skills for the future. As a team, we prioritized expressing gracious professionalism in our meetings and competitions throughout the season. We worked hard throughout the season using our previous knowledge to create an advanced robot and inspire others to get involved in the world of STEAM!

This Season - FTC Centerstage

Robot: The Prowler

Awards & Achievements: