4-H Non-Profit

We partnered with 4-H to achieve nonprofit status, enabling us to expand our community outreach and educational initiatives. Leveraging this partnership, we hosted a successful summer camp at the Washington County Extension Service Educational Center. This camp offered hands-on robotics experiences to children, fostering an early interest in STEM. Through the support of 4-H, we provided an engaging and educational environment, furthering our mission to inspire young minds.

Intel & GoBilda

Both of our coaches are employed at Intel Corporation, which has graciously provided financial support for our efforts by contributing $20 for each hour they devote to our FTC activities, split as $10 per hour for each coach. Additionally, our team benefits from a generous 25% discount on all items purchased from GoBilda. Many components of our robot are sourced from GoBilda's high-quality sets and equipment, which we have found to be exceptionally reliable. We deeply value our relationship with GoBilda and look forward to further strengthening our partnership in the future.

Micro Systems Engineering, Inc. (MSEI)

Our journey to securing the MSEI sponsorship began with a strategic connection with an HR professional from MSEI. Through a series of discussions and presentations, we showcased our team's dedication and the impact of our robotics program. Recognizing the mutual benefits of this partnership, MSEI decided to support us, significantly boosting our resources and capabilities for the upcoming season. This sponsorship demonstrates the shared commitment to fostering innovation and education in STEM. 


We secured our Synopsys sponsorship by hosting a demo and engaging in discussions with the company's higher-ups. Our demonstration showcased the advanced capabilities of our robots and highlighted the educational impact of our program. The enthusiasm and professionalism we displayed during the demo convinced the Synopsis executives of the value and potential of our initiative, leading to their generous sponsorship.

Best in Class

Best in Class, an education center based in Portland, Oregon, was our first Mechanical Mages sponsor for 2023, joining as a Silver Tier Sponsor for this year's Powerplay Season. Renowned for providing classes that prepare students for academic and standardized tests as well as everyday challenges, Best in Class has been a wonderful partner. Our team had the pleasure of demonstrating our robots to children from 1st to 7th grade at their facilities. We showcased all our attachments and highlighted the strafing abilities of our robots. The experience was engaging for both us and the students. We are deeply grateful to Best in Class for their support as our first Mechanical Mages sponsor of 2023.